7 Advantages of Buying Land From Real Estate Development Company As Against Buying From Omonile

The alarming rate of land scams these days is on the high increase reason been that most unsuspecting potential land buyers and property investors does not have the technical know how on how to spot genuine real estate deals most especially when buying from the omoniles.

To minimize the risk of loosing your hard earn money to land scam agents and omoniles offering what they don’t have, its good you buy from a real estate development company due to the following advantages listed below

  1. Your Property Investment is Safe With a Genuine Property Development Company.

Buying real estate from a reputable, registered and trusted real estate company shows that you have a safe investment as against buying from an omonile as most of them sell land they do not have claims over. A real estate development company must have done all necessary due diligence before procuring the land they are developing to estate scheme from the indigenous land owner and must have certified that the land in question is free from any encumbrances.

Buying an Omonile land means you are treading a thin line between loosing all your money and true ownership as transactions with omonile land always have one issue or the other such as land disputes between families and communities, reselling of another person’s land and selling of government committed land without proper approval from government agencies.

2. Proper Documentation of Your Land

A real estate development company would make sure that all paper works in respect of their estate schemes are genuine and properly documented because they also are making an investment and because you are dealing with a reputable company and not just any dick and harry, you are sure of getting a land with proper and complete documentations. From the letter of allocation to deed of assignment, receipt of purchase, survey plans, certificate of occupancy etc.

Buying landed property in an estate scheme from a real estate developer also save you the stress of running to the land bureau for perfection of your land documents unlike when you are buying from the omonile. omonile does not care about perfection of land title, all they care about is how to sell their land and make money.

3. Well Design Estate Layout and Infrastructures

Buildings inside an estate schemes are properly structured in a well design layers and pattern that can give your house the proper fitting and beauty it deserved. These is a contributing factor to capital appreciation of your investment.

Also, estates have proposed amenities and infrastructures that would made the estate habitable so you don’t have to run around looking for blocks to build your fence, provide electricity, roads, drainage etc

Most estates schemes layout by estate developers have provision for parks, schools, hospitals and other commercial activities

4. Real Estate Development Companies Gives Rooms For Installment Plan 

Real estate development companies makes the process of property acquisition seamless and affordable with the provision of flexible instrumental payment plan for its subscribers who cannot afford to pay the full sum at a goal.

With some companies you can do 6 or 12 months while some other gives you the privileged of paying more than one year. This is unlike dealing with omonile where you are oblige to pay outrightly.  Although land may be cheap when you buy from omonile but the trouble you face after full payment of the land can be un-quantifiable.

5. Property Investment Plan is Achievable With Real Estate Development Companies

Real estate companies gives you the advantage of buying plots in their service scheme for investment purposes in as much you comply with the developer estate guideline. You can decide to buy now, wait for it to appreciate significantly in price and then sell later thereafter in the future. With Omonile land, its compulsory and mandatory for you to start securing your plot immediately you made payment to avoid stories that touches the heart.

6. Estate Schemes Provide Secure and Conducive Neighbourhood For Healthy Family Living

Estate schemes land are usually in an enclosed, gated and secure neighborhood idea for good family upbringing and comfortable living as its provide you the opportunity of living with people of like minds

Remember you are a product of your environment.

7. Estate Schemes Land Record Good Returns on Investment

Because of the timely development of estate schemes and provision of other infrastructures, they tend to appreciate fast in value when compare to land bought from omonile. Also because the developer of estate schemes are out to make profits, they position their estates in fast developing locations for quick returns on investments.

Final Thought on Advantages of Buying Land From Real Estate Development Companies As Against Buying From Omonile

In your best interest and also to avoid sorry stories that touches the heart with property purchase, it is more advisable to buy land in an estate from a genuine and reputable real estate company. Through this, your investment and interest is 100% safe and free from any encumbrances.

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