7 Steps on How to Create A Better Retirement Plan

The work system designed by the government was never designed to make you rich, instead it was design to make you content and happy.

Government of the day knows that at end of 35 – 40 years of your 8-5 works, you will still be broke and need support to survived, hence the reason why they give pensions once you stop working.

The big question is what’s your retirement plan?

From research, at retirement less than 2% will have financial independent and more than 60% of the remaining who are alive will be poor, penniless and dependent on relatives, government, charities ‘\’]and worst of all on children who are yet to find their feet in life.

There are 3 stages of life are:

  1. Learning stage

The first 25 years of life is the learning stage where by design you are expected to learn EVERYTHING you need to make an income. Learn a trade, go to school, and get a degree…

Do whatever it is you need to become empowered to earn a decent living. At this time of life, it is OK to be dependent on others while you figure out how to EMPOWER yourself

  1. Earning Stage

The 2nd stage of life is the EARNING stage where you USE what you have learnt in stage 1 of your life to EARN a living, sustain yourself, and keep yourself from being a burden to others

AND there is one more thing at this stage of life we MOSTLY miss – create a STORE for the 3rd stage of life.

  1. Turning (empowerment) stage

The 3rd and final stage of life is the TURNING stage where you grow beyond struggling to earn and income BECAUSE you spent the last 25 years figuring that OUT and you have created a base solid enough for yourself to be able to TURN around, look at the UPCOMING generation and POSITIVELY invest in that generation.

This 3rd stage is ONE of the critical stages MISSING in this country because people here reach age 50 and are still trying to scramble for and make money instead of making the future generation better

And we closed with a list of 7 steps to take to prepare ourselves for the 3rd stage of life.

  1. Investing like mad
  2. Take risks, No risk no reward
  3. Change your retirement age, No need going by the status quo. Determine your life’s clock
  4. Create multiple income streams
  5. Start early
  6. See far ahead
  7. Work hard

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